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Made of little stuffed honeycomb shaped puffy pockets called "hexipuffs" You use leftover scrap sock wool; pictured in Koigu KPPPM,  1 skein of Koigu KPPPM makes about 12 puffs. The quilt doesn’t have to be lined because it’s puffy & double sided.
The hexipuffs are fun to make because they’re smushy, cute & feel like a little finished project all by themselves. They are knitted in the round, and this project is most rewarding if you knit it “on the go.” It’s so portable!  Knit them while you are waiting in lines, waiting for dinner, talking to friends, in the car etc. and see how many you end up with.
Pattern includes: 
lots of photos, photo tutorial on the quick, easy way to join the hexipuffs, full color charts for duplicate stitch flowers. 
(poppies & violets)  Joining them is quick & easy! This whole quilt was joined together in 2 days. Full photo tutorial is included in the pattern. 
They are joined at the corners with simple quilt-ties for better “flop-a-bility”, also: Because of the way they are connected, if one gets damaged or stained, they can be lifted out easily 1 at a time to be replaced.
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