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Chuppahs, canopies supported by four poles, are used in Jewish weddings to symbolize the home. Like the tent of Abraham, the chuppah is open on four sides to represent hospitality. The symbolic home is empty except for the new couple. Created by Kat Coyle for Interweave Knits, this lace chuppah kit is knit from the center out and bordered with deep fringe. Our chuppah kit includes the required yarns, Plymouth Alpaca Brush, Goldrush, and the Interweave Knits magazine pattern. Working two strands together, chuppah is started on #13 double points, changing to #13 24" circulars, then 36", and 60". Pattern also uses markers and J Crochet hook. 4 8" poles required for finished chuppah. The Lace Chuppah kit includes which includes all yarns and pattern magazine. Mazel Tov!! Free shipping within continental US. Will ship worldwide for extra charge.